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Holland-Controls is a well-known global provider for some of the most advanced and sophisticated gas turbine control systems and solutions available. It's possible to integrate several additional solutions with our control systems, like excitation control, antisurge control and fuel control. Therefore the solution from Holland-Controls can be combined with a complete risk-reducing and efficiency increasing package.



Holland-Controls proudly presents its PC application software HC-Link. Lowering the cost and easing the effort of configuration it links most visualization- and logging systems to the engine control system.

Most PLC manufacturers do provide an OPC server for their product. It is our experience that ease of installation & configuration, features, robustness, PC platform compatibility and price level do not meet reasonable expectations. It is for this reason that Holland-Controls initially developed its own OPC / DDE server suite for direct and autonomous redundant connection to most Siemens PLCs. Meanwhile new features are continuing to be added such as an integrated high-speed datalogger and a multiple-instance Pre-Post Trip event-driven logger.


HC-Plot is the ultimate tool for all of your data visualisation, plotting and analysis needs. With HC-Plot the user can quickly and easily load and examine many types of different data files. With no restrictions on file size, as long as your computer has sufficient memory, your data can be loaded.

Analysing high speed data is a crucial tool for the diagnosis of mechanical and control issues in all types of equipment. Some use cases are as follows:

  • Compare multiple engine starts to identify degradation in performance

  • Identify trends in vibration magnitude to revise maintenance schedules

  • Establish and report baseline performance of equipment

  • Identify failing instruments

  • Analyse pre-post trip data for Root Cause Analysis

  • Compare engine performance between multiple units

  • Analyse equipment efficiency over time

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For technical support or sales questions with regards to HC-Plot, do contact us on info@holland-controls.com 


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Antisurge control

Centrifugal and axial compressors are sensitive to surges. They can cause major damage to the turbomachinery train.

The antisurge controller is a critical turbomachinery control application that protects the compressor from these surges by continuously calculate the distance between te compressor's operating point and its surge limit time. The controller modulates a recirculation or blow-off valve to prevent the operating point of the compressor reaching the surge limit while keeping other process variables within safe or acceptable limits.

Fuel control

An essential part for safe and accurate control of a turbine package is the fuel system.
Holland-Controls offers customer specific, state of the art fuel systems tailored for every application. We work with carefully selected suppliers which guarantees direct communication and the best quality.

Our common fuel system solution is configured with an electrical actuated control valve, two high speed shut off valves (SIL certified), two vent valves and a (SIL certified) pressure transmitter in every section. This layout allows to block and bleed every section of the fuelgas system and enables the possibility to perform a leak test to verify all valves are leak tight.

A full upgrade of the fuel system offers the following advances:

  • Improves safety

  • Complies with the applicable safety level (SIL certified set-up)

  • Higher availability and efficiency

  • More accurate control

  • Less maintenance

  • Leakage monitoring

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