Handover first Statoil powergen unit

Succesful handover of first Statoil RB211 powergeneration unit on Oseberg A.



We are proud to announce that on the 28th of March 2018 we have succesfully handed over the first power generation unit back to operation. The handover was done with zero punchitems and with a max score of 5 o.o. 5 on performance and customer satisfaction.

Last year Holland-Controls received the order from Statoil (now Equinor) to design, install and commission ten (10) rotating equipment control system upgrades for the Oseberg platforms A and C. Eight of these units are Rolls-Royce (Siemens) RB211 driven power generation units and gas compression units, whilst two are electric motor driven gas compressors.

The first unit concerned is the HKC powergen unit on Oseberg A. The FT100 sequencer and fuel controller have been replaced by a very powerful Siemens S7-1500 system with integrated safety up to SIL-3. Also the HMI system (formerly FT210) has been completely modernised to the latest standard, as well as various other subsystems.

Holland-Controls also designed, build and delivered new fuel systems for this unit.

The fuel gas system was completely pre-fabricated in the Netherlands with the aid of subcontractor Wilderink - to Statoil specifications.

The liquid fuel system was designed using Swagelok tubing and installed in situ. Statoil's subcontractor Aibel took care of an excellent installation. The result of both the gas and liquid fuel system installation can be seen below.

We look forward for the next conversion planned on the Oseberg C platform.