Successful HC-Drive Retrofit!

Earlier in November Holland-Controls and Holland-Controls Services successfully retrofitted three HC-Drive fuel valve controllers (EMVs) for one of our customers’ Siemens SGT-A35 DLE (RB211-24G DLE) whilst retaining the original fuel valves, actuators and wiring.

This replaced the obsolete Moog DS2000XPs for the Central, Primary and Secondary Fuel Lanes. HC-Drives are pre-configured with a number switchable tuning and communication protocols to suit all variants of fuel valve actuators. The wiring termination uses the existing cabling which creates a plug and play solution. At this recent site it was a Moog Valve Actuator controlled over DeviceNet.

As a compatibility test we also successfully demonstrated that HC-Drives can be used in a mixed hardware set up, here we had two HC-Drives installed for the Central, Primary and one existing Moog DS2000XP on the Secondary. Next year we are installing three more HC-Drives on the customers second unit, to add to our increasing portfolio of installs.

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