Remote Factory Acceptance Test

From Factory Acceptance Test to Remote Factory Acceptance Test

The FAT standard (Factory Acceptance Test) has been replaced by a Remote Factory Acceptance Test.

Using a large number of fixed and a few mobile video cameras together with Team Viewer, we were able to perform the RFAT with the client.
The outcome of this test method was very well received by the client, and as the icing on the cake an accepted operating system, digitally signed by the client.

The global problem of Covid-19 and the impact on a FAT due to travel and social distance restrictions.

In order to support the business continuity as much as possible and to be able to continue to serve our clients as well, we have created the possibility for our clients to be able to test their new control system remotely for functionality and safe operation of their machines.

The advantage was to be able to comply with the Corona restrictions and to have the customer do a full FAT at the time of the Covid19 pandemic.
An additional advantage of this RFAT was to be able to do business in a socially responsible way, because this way it was not necessary to fly the customer to the Netherlands to save on CO2 emissions.
Performing these kinds of tests remotely may become the standard for the future and thus permanently reduce the burden on the environment.

Meanwhile, we have successfully implemented a similar RFAT for a second customer.