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Holland-Controls is your independent specialist in gas turbine control systems. Our core business is to deliver optimum control system solutions for existing gas turbines, reciprocating engines and related equipment. Whatever your business challenges may be, our systems for renowned manufacturers are always custom designed and built using off-the-shelf components to meet your specific requirements and challenges. 

We are convinced that proven engines deserve reliable controls. A gas turbine control system tends to age faster than the equipment it is controlling. The rapid advancements in electronics, reliability, software, legislation and availability of support are some of the most compelling reasons to retrofit and modernize such systems.

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Our team is available via +31 74 30 30 300 or +44 1507 311639.

Due to our reassuring history and half a century of experience in the field of gas turbine controls we are your premium partner to do that. Our solutions lead to a more efficient, accurate and reliable application while at the same time decreasing the total cost of ownership.


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The best gas turbine retrofit control systems

Successful replacement of HMI Systems

Successful replacement of HMI Systems

For one of the UK North-Sea Oil&Gas operators, Holland-Controls has successfully delivered Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s) by replacing existing HMI computers, the related Engineering Stations and the customer interface servers.

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