Life Cycle of existing gas turbine installation and controls

As installations age you will be confronted with system failures as support and components are no longer available for that product. The question then becomes wether to invest heavily in spare parts and know-how on site or ensure that systems are being modernised before their end of the life cycle.

Life cycle of the control system

Any piece of electronics follows a life cycle curve roughly looking as follows:

Gas Turbine Control Systems Retrofit

The initial failure rate (Y-axis) is commonly referred to as ‘infant mortality rate' and occurs during the first half year. Through burn-in periods at the manufacturer, during in-house tests and through warranty clauses, this period is well covered. After the control system has proven itself a period of 10 to 15 years follows with few problems; thereafter the mortality rate goes up again.

Note that the ‘amplitude' of the curve strongly depends on mechanical stress, thermal stress, corrosion and complexity of the system. A good cooling system (ventilation) helps to lower the failure rate, yet it will not alter the shape of the curve.

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A solution that works for you

Holland Controls is one of the only companies that offer a modular upgrade service. One of our key competencies is an upgrade program that will offer you a cost effective solution for an installation that continues stable operation whether it's in the beginning or end of it's life cycle.

Talk to us before an upgrade becomes a matter of urgency. With a highly qualified staff, long term experience and structured project execution according ISO-9001-2015 and SCC* Holland-Controls is your right partner.