HC-Plot Data Visualisation Suite

HC-Plot - Easy Machinery Data Analysis is now available.
Written by Marco de Vries on 08.09.2020, 00:00


Use the download button below to explore HC-Plot in demo mode, a fully functional trial version is available on request through the demo version.

  •    Version 1.4


We at Holland-Controls have over 25 years of commissioning experience in gas turbines, but we constantly lacked the right data analysis tool for the job. For this reason, we have developed a tool in-house to cater to the demands of commissioning engineers, service engineers and technicians. Meet HC-Plot.

HC-Plot is the ultimate tool for all of your data visualisation, plotting and analysis needs. With HC-Plot the user can quickly and easily load and examine many types of different data files. With no restrictions on file size, as long as your computer has sufficient memory, your data can be loaded.

Application Examples

Analysing high speed data is a crucial tool for the diagnosis of mechanical and control issues in all types of equipment. Some use cases are as follows:

  •      Compare multiple engine starts to identify degradation in performance
  •      Identify trends in vibration magnitude to revise maintenance schedules
  •      Establish and report baseline performance of equipment
  •      Identify failing instruments
  •      Analyse pre-post trip data for Root Cause Analysis
  •      Compare engine performance between multiple units
  •      Analyse equipment efficiency over time
  •    Version 1.4


For technical support or sales questions with regards to HC-Plot, do contact us on info@holland-controls.com

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