Reasons for upgrading aged gas turbine control systems

As older gas turbines begin to operate beyond their original life expectancy, applying a new control system becomes a necessity. A gas turbine control system has a tendency to age faster than the equipment it is controlling which is likely to have a negative impact on the turbine itself. A complete or partial control system retrofit minimizes gas turbine failures and is the core business of Holland-Controls.

As control systems and applications approach the end of their respective lifecycles, we provide you with the means to increase reliability and up-time. Whether you need a full (turn-key) retrofit or modular upgrades, Holland-Controls can engineer a solution that:

  • Realizes a higher reliability
  • Uses the latest technology making your gas turbine futureproof
  • Generates more up-time until decommission
  • Reduces costs for maintenance
  • Improves diagnostic capabilities
  • Includes very detailed documentation and support
  • Uses an open, expandable system architecture that facilitates future modifications or extensions
  • Offers modular upgrades to build in more reliability and functionality

Proven experience in gas turbine control system retrofit

Holland-Controls are able to support all existing gas turbine controls systems and offer overhaul facilities and spare parts for the FT/Entronic controls. We have in-depth experience of supporting and retrofitting gas turbines from Rolls-Royce, Solar, GE, Ruston, Siemens, P&W both DLE, none DLE, and dual fuel.

Types of gas turbine retrofit

Control system retrofits can take place in various shapes and formats. This depends on the criticality of the gas turbine system involved, the money that can justifiably be spent on it, the requirements,  and the competence already available on site.

From full turn-key retrofit to part retrofits

Holland-Controls is one of the few companies that offer a modular retrofit service for gas turbines control systems. We survey the system in detail looking through alarm logs, interrogating the software and hardware to deliver a survey report which is highly detailed. Next step is to make an upgrade program that will offer a cost effective solution to the worst affected areas of the control system. This enables the client to gain greater reliability and functionality for minimum investment.  

A solution that works for you, made for you

Reduce the cost of ownership of your current installation and talk to us before an upgrade becomes a matter of urgency. With a highly qualified staff, long term experience and structured project execution according ISO-9001-2000 and SCC* Holland-Controls is your right partner.