Demand on your installation

The level of criticality depends on the application the unit is in. Redundancy of gas turbine engines is the most important parameter here. Most installations, when newly built, have one or two units spare. This makes it possible to do routine maintenance on one unit, running the remaining units and still have one spare in case of sudden mishaps. 

However, applications change. Offshore platform power generators tend to feed newly built satellite platforms. On gas compression stations the volume of gas being pumped increases every year. And with the free gas and electricity market the term ‘running season’ seems to be no longer applicable.

The result is that the demand for availability of the installation increases year by year – while at the same time the true availability of the installation decreases due to aging.

The control system plays an important role in two aspects here:

  • the availability of the system itself

  • the quality of information it can provide to the operator about malfunctioning of the unit or system it is controlling